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Clap! Clap! - Tayi Bebba 2 x 12

Black Acre

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More rhythmical heat from Clap! Clap! -

Following on from his still-fresh 12" and 7" on Black Acre, the Italian producer extends his acquired palette in further detail, perhaps refined but certainly still as unconventional, we dare say 'maverick', as his back-catalogue under this moniker (He has evolved out of a fully-fledged jazz musicians background).

Based around the idea of a tropical, other-worldly island that feeds on rhythmical force in order to maintain it's vitality, the concept of these tracks really do conjure lively images of strange fruits, mad instruments and space travel - all whilst invisibly anchored in known musical forms from cities such as Chicago, London, Cape Town, Havana or Mumbai... It's an irrestible, highly potent potion of polyrhythmic quality and outernational melody, bottled up and distilled by the mad-scientist 'Clap! Clap! to great effect.

This is fresh as a pineapple straight from the tree, exquisite like a dragon fruit - take your pick now, or you may loose out on your dose of essential vitamins!

2 x 12" with picture sleeve.
Contains a colour insert containg Tayi Bebba imagery and story.

01 The Holy Cave
02 Ashiko
03 The Rainstick Fable
04 Kwasi The Sorcerer
05 Black Smokes, Bad Signs
06 Conqueror ( action / assault / conquest )
07 Conqueror ( consequences / memories )
08 Conqueror ( remorse / withdrawn )
09 Burbuka
10 Sahkii (Xirhuu)
11 Sahkii’s Elevation feat. DJ Khalab
12 Kwasi’s Storm (kyanumj) (tape dub)
13 Universal Modulator (kujhmak)
14 Sahkii’s Knowledge
15 Universal Modulator (ujmubuam)
16 Sailing In The Seas of Wood
17 Kuj Yato

Disc 1, Side 1

Disc 1, Side 2

Disc 2, Side 1

Disc 2, Side 2