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Clara! - Reggaetoneras

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Female pressure Reggaeton mix outta South America! -

Latest from Low Jack and Jean Carval’s Gravats label, a killer Reggaeton mixtape from DJ Clara!, member of the Brussels based collective PRR! PRR!

Here's something to pepper up your summer, or keep you warm during Winter:
Clara! makes a blazing debut on Low Jack’s Editions Gravats label with a killer Reggaeton mixtape made up of 100% female MCs and rhythms from the ‘90s up to the modern day.

Load this one up in ya boombox, and we dare you to stand still.
In typical high-energy reggaeton style, the famous Dembow rhythm (also prevalent in 90's onwards Dancehall) makes up the foundation here, but of course this wouldn't be Reggaeton if we didn't have the vocal and cheeky synthlines lacing the rhythms, keeping up the energy.
And of course we're going to need to recognise some classic hooks from the commercial side of pop / hip-hop & rnb music, but this makes for even better listening to be honest.

The vibe is pure party here, steeped in the imported Puerto Rican sounds and mixes of French DJs such as Kost & Goldfingers or DJ Poska that Clara grew up with during her teenage years in the beaches and discos of Galicia, Spain.

Essentially, however, it’s a perfect summer session; crammed with a rude drums and hooks levered from major dance hits, and sandwiched with skits and personal edits to form the kind of informative and hugely entertaining mixtape you can reach for over and again...

So yeah, do yourself a favour -
load it in, buckle up and enjoy!

Lookin' fresh in a clear clamshell case, with printed cassette onbody.

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