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A very welcome repress from Clone of some of the most in demand solo records from Drexciya member James Stinson under his 'Clarence G' Alias.

This 4 track ep was originally released back in 1991, and, well, you know the deal, it was changing hands on Discogs for the price of a cheap car. If you know this record already, stop reading and add to cart. For those that are new to it - It's one a masterclass in proper Electro from one of it's key protagonists.

He lays down fast paced raps over staccato snares and synth washes on 'Clarence G's Club', even some 26 years later, this one still sounds fresh and free. The A2, 'Turbine' is an industrial strength floor burner, super ruff and slammed, utterly dangerous.

'Cause I Said It Right' is a proto-foorwork and electro hybrid, gracing the mic once more over a skeletal 808 framework and ferric filter sweeps before ending on the outstanding 'Data Transfer' which sounds like the lost score to a dystopian chase scene.

Totally unmissable electro gems from a master, you know what to do...

Clarence G's Club

Clarence G's Club

Cause I Said It Right

Data Transfer