• Clay Wilson - Bangers & Ash

Clay Wilson - Bangers & Ash

Styles upon Styles

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For the second installment of the Bangers & Ash series, 'Styles upon Styles' look homeward for a breathtaking slab of techno sonics from Brooklyn's Clay Wilson.

The 12" opens it's sonic gates with 'Tab's unhinged sine waves that leave the doors open for interpretation. 'Reset' intensifies things with seriously paranoid fizz and unhinged clouds of vibration whilst 'Pfizing' retains the listener in an uncertain state of angst, with distant tribal drum patterns introducing first signs of a familiar rhythm, leading into the last embargo on the Ash side as a pattern gradually forms into it's intended state.
As the momentum gathers and a steady low-end takes hold, the grip tightens and reduced melodic patterns take control.
A heady ride through skattering polyrhythms and sonic mist lead the listener to the end of the journey, without letting loose.
Very heavy stuff.

Limited run of 200, translucent grey 12" vinyl. Each jacket is hand-designed by Clay & the SUS team using ink and straws.

Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering (Berlin).

Very limited copies!




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