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Cloudface / Powder — Dogen-zaka MIX (Cassette & Tote Bag)


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Wooooah now!

We're seriously lucky to have our grubby mitts on these - As you probably know, this link up between Vancouver's Cloudface (of Moodhut and Going Good fame) and Japan's Powder came out last year but due to an overloaded inbox - we only just got our copies!

45 mins a side here, on the A-side is a recording of Cloudface's live set at INS Studio in Shibuya, richly textured and effervescent house grooves coaxed out of his live setup, now yours to soak up if you missed the show.

The B-side is mix of all original material from Powder, that's a lot of new music! Selected and blended with care - it's a perfect accompaniment.

Exploring the space between a release and art object has become somewhat of a Wichelroede trademark and this one is the finest yet - A cream coloured cassette wrapped in a screenprinted tote bag that's then vacuum packed - we had a hard time deciding if we should open ours or not but it was well worth it.

An object of beauty and a killer release to boot - it doesn't get much better than this - treat yourself.

(please note, this item's size puts it over the usual shipping price bracket for a cassette and therefore costs the same as a vinyl record to ship)