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Cocktail Party Effect - Battered

Cold Recordings

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Once again, providing a context for exciting new producers to release their debut 12”, Cold Recordings is proud to now bring you ‘Cocktail Party Effect’. Hailing from a musical family Eric Baldwin, the currently Berlin based but British producer, shows off his colours here with a diverse, rhythmical, experimental - but always dance floor savvy - EP of 4 killer cuts, all rolling out between 125-130bpm.

The title track ‘Battered’ leads the EP, kicking things off with a glitching set of electronics, setting a curious mood, before dropping into a crazed rhythmical explosion, fidgety and erratic, but somehow glued together in a fluid, propelling motion.

‘OOYFM’ takes things into slightly more typical UK bass music territory, rolling out techno ingredients, a grimey UK bassline with broken-beat rhythmical dynamics that also hint at UK-Garage influences.

Flip the vinyl for the second half of the EP and you’ll find ‘Intens’ taking up a stance that sits somewhere between dancehall and techno, rolling and smashing its way as it goes along, while descending electronic motifs cascade in sympathy. Finally the EP closes with ‘I Kno3’ which pulls back on the instant gratification factors but hits out instead with a moody, bass driven and percussively expressive exit track.




I Kno3