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Coco Bryce - Seki Setsu

Myor Massive

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Coco Bryce gives a lesson in precision drumwork with a pair of immaculately crafted slices of far-east influenced junglist beat science.

Sometimes a brief description is better; these two come deadly like a ninja via the rooftop. Coco Bryce channels that classic jungle feeling but injects the scenario with a deft use of deadly contemporary choppage and sound design, bringing these kicking and screaming into the 22nd century, these tracks form part of an insurgent trend of original and idiosyncratically updated drum n bass that keeps the vibe but expands into fresh, exciting ways -
equal amounts of reward for your home hifi or for the large-sized speakerboxes.

Served up with a nifty shark-eyed sticker design.

Seki Setsu