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Look what we found here....

This one has been sat somewhere tucked in our tape-shelf for a few moons now, must've slipped past us when our friend, and go-to risoprinter / screenprinter Ross dropped these tapes with us one time.

Find here last copies on this planet, of this 2016 tape from Bristol's Coims, manifested onto tape (in screenprinted art of course) via Ross at bumtapes.

Come dig a bit deeper, and get some proper underground DIY sounds from this old city of we walk around in.

Check the wordz for all the infoz:
Bristol's forward thinking primitives, Coims finally release their new album on Bumtapes and we couldn't be happier. The duo's live set has been opening a few heads recently with its free form experimental clatter and minimal driftings, and their studio recordings don't disappoint either.
This new tape documents some serious studio workouts. Reminiscent of early Jackie-O Motherfucker or a stripped down NNCK. Ritual is broken by exploding kernels of outer percussive sounds, sonic vignettes punctured by hammered strings and the industrial throb, are swept along by a wave of improv . Mind blown.

Limited to 60 copies. Numbered and Hand Screen-printed on heavy card stock.

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