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Coldtron - Live At The Laundromat

Cold Light Music

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deep dub, bruk jazz and lyrical worldplay via new project Coldtron -

“Introducing Coldtron, the formation of Best Available Technology x Withdrawn x Birthmark x ELDON, who on this 30 minute tape jam place themselves firmly in the vanguard of dynamic rap music.

The mystical sonic signatures of Best Available Technology are given the inimitable stamp of spun out saxophone solos that followers of Withdrawn have come to recognise, creating an ethereal sojourn, punctuated by the striking vocal stylings dispersed throughout the piece.

Withdrawn, Birthmark, ELDON and guest artist D Ham strike an acute balance between earnest personal reflection, abstract whimsy and a sharp tongued assessment of their world and indeed yours. (And keep an ear out for input from the dog of the house & original four legged member of the crew on his recording debut.)

Press play for an exercise in curious modes and indelible lyricism. A true exploration of the uncanny hive mind that is COLDTRON.”

Edition of 100 cassettes.

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