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Colin Potter - I Couldn't Agree...


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Sacred Summits unleash D.I.Y. post-punk from around 79-81 -

Originally self-released by Colin Potter around 1980, these tracks represent D.I.Y. to the fullest... From Vocals, synthesisers, sequencers, guitar and bass -Colin features on all parts of the track, except for the live - and electronic drum programming on Side A.

The outcome are two searing, abrasive, bittersweet post-punk / industrial tracks, raw as you like.
Fast-paced, the tracks are almost overwhelming at first listen, with the need to place the stylus back at the edge as soon as these short tracks end - truly addictive stuff.

Beautifully presented in a numbered and ink-printed kraftliner sleeve.

Not many of these around, be quick if you want one...

Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering.
Design and print by House Of Traps.

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