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Comfortnoise Ploy - Three Strands


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Soundsystem depth-charge and bass tremors across three o.g. cuts from Comfortnoise Ploy, plus heavy duty remix from Gaspard De La Montagne - served in a limited run of 150 (loud & crisp!) copies, with pantone print sleeve

This one has landed here at RWDFWD HQ, sent in a big box over from Zurich, and we're glad to have our hands on this 01 release, as well as the 02 from the new comfortnoise DIY label, which will land here very soon >>

Sounding like some kind of 2020 ghost channelling the much loved soundsystem lineage of Bristol bass music from the last decade or so, the kind of stuff that was finding it's way onto wax via labels such as Punch Drunk, (early) Apple Pips and that kind of Berlin techno-dubstep connection via Sub:Stance, Comfortnoise Ploy bring their own take back to play with this self-released 12", coming with the meditative focus still on deep rhythms and surgical sub bass, and with a refined, almost delicate, yet utterly heavy approach at sound design.

Intricate delays and filtered atmospherics sway across the tide of bass that lies beneath each of these rhythms, at times scattering like some kind of El B & Horsepower post-uk-garage step, and then back to a more dub-techno-dubstep-step that is guaranteed to bring good vibes - ideally dim the lights a bit, and light one up.

Edition of 150 - we got the last lot here.
Kraft sleeve with pantone print.
Comes with sticker >>

Comfortnoise Ploy - Forever Silent (feat. M. Renger)

Comfortnoise Ploy - Intermediate

Comfortnoise Ploy - Explicit

Comfortnoise Ploy - Forever Silent (Gaspard de La Montagne rmx)