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Commodo - F_ck Mountain / Good Grief *RwdFwd Edition*

Hotline Recordings

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Just when you were starting to think 'What's next on Hotline?' -

Here they are: Two hard-as-nails, syrup sipping, dancefloor smashin', sound system obliterators - full of swagger, full of lean.

Commodo does it again, this time around with two rough and rugged trax for the Hotline Recordings -

140bpm on the topside, 130bpm on the flip... both of them move in unique ways, laced with Commodo's distinctive manoeuvres, packed with detail and razor-sharp rhythm, swaying over big and loose, off-the hook subs.

Don't be scared, these tracks are hard as f*ck... but it's all in good jest - pure dancefloor material aimed at your chest and body.
Don't deny it.

Front and back artwork painted by 'Anonymous'.
Shot and edited by Studio Tape-Echo.

Served in a printed sleeve, with stickered centre labels.
RwdFwd Edition includes 1 of 100 inserts + Hotline lighter.

Vinyl-only, printed sleeve edition of 600.

Mastered at Stardelta.

Commodo - F_ck Mountain

Commodo - Good Grief