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Commodo / Gantz / Kahn - Volume 1

Deep Medi

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Deep Medi's next LP brings together heavyweights Commodo, Kahn & Gantz...

What we have here, is a combination of the three most forward thinking musicians to have contributed to the 'dubstep scene' in recent years -
Three producers whose talents go far further than one genre could accommodate, their musical efforts burst at the seams with implosive rhythmic structures and intricate melodic architecture.

'Volume 1' is an exciting two-disc exposure of their combined talents, serving as righteous testament to their unique take on UK soundsystem music, a powerful palette of low-end frequencies laced with rich exponents of various genres, be it the unhinged aggro of Grime music, the stone-cold swagger of modern Rap or the fiery, vivacious sonics that Turkish / Middle Eastern music provide.

To cut this short -
This record is very much worth owning, do yourself a favour.

Excellent design by Joshua Hughes-Games.
Served on a gatefold sleeve.
180sm heavyweight vinyl.

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