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Commodo - Stakeout

Black Acre

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Brand new cuts from Commodo, back on Black Acre with a follow up to his gone-in-a-flash 'Loan Shark' 12" -

Stakeout, with all its gun-slingin' saloon swagger, steps in where Loan Shark left off, with a catchy call & response between hits and sounds, with a hella loose, yet tighter-than-tight rhythm, Commodo style.

Next up, we got 'Transit' coming with an icey tune that sounds somewhere between darker UKG mutations a la EL B or Burial, and maybe even a bit of Claptrap era Hessle Audio. Techy, rollin', subdued drum funk and bass weight on this one.

Last, but definitely not least, we got the tense looping low-end, and stripped-to-the-core half-step of 'Crooked Law', coming with a dark twist on a kind of post-punk bass guitar line via the school of DMZ, undulating in the space between each reverberation of precise and effective drum sound -
full pressure on this one, right up until that rewarding melodic twist from the intro comes in again at the end - real nice arrangement on this.
For us, picking favourites on this record is a hard choice between 'Transit' and this one, but we're certain this one would sound the most deadly at the right volume, in a darkened room.




Crooked Law