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Compa - Shaka's Truth

ZamZam Sounds

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>>Last copy in plain paper sleeve<<

The Portland powerhouse ZamZam have scooped up some 140 business from Compa for the 39th instalment in the collectable 7" series.

Following in the footsteps of Mala, Kahn and the likes Compa comes forward with some more dubby dubstep, this time along sampling a Jah Shaka interview excerpt (hence the title...) and implementing it over a stop-start, kick-snare-bass template.
If you need another fix of dub wisdom, flip it around for Atha Dub, completing the package on a deeper tip for all bass meditators out there.

Special mention to the screenprinted sleeve designs, lovely as always!

Limited edition of 800, no repress and no mp3s.
Screenprinted and designed by Polygon Press.

Shaka's Truth

Atha Dub