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Compassion Crew Presents 'Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates'

Major Problems

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All crate diggers on the search for the wild & the obscure & the fantastic - listen up!

11 Track Compilation by Irish artist Compassion Crew coming in from Major Problems Records.

To take such a disparate collection of tracks and create a unified piece is a difficult thing, but 'Compassion Cuts, Tapes & Acetates' does exactly this, in fine style. Drawing from the far corners of the vaults, this eclectic 2lp manages to house the vintage, yet timely sounds of ethiopian boogie and proto-house with the female power tale of a pleasuring kitty that became a girls best friend, told eloquently by San Francisco's Big City Orchestra.
And those are just two of the tracks on offer here.

Some of you may remember that whitelabel 12" with Kalatashew Waga by Admas on the Major Problems imprint, we stocked a handful of those along with the Andras Fox remix a while back and they sold out in a flash, so if you missed your chance first time round, now's your opportunity to get on it.

Defuser's Bouquet of Weeds merges the new-wave a half-time swagger which sounds decades ahead of its time - the vocal is absolutely fantastic - think Ian Curtis on an eccy with a ring modulator stuck in his throat and you're about there.

Next up is Uttoz Gives a Song by Frak, a feel-good vintage jam for when you've sucked too much helium and floated into space on a hot summer's day - you'll come back down eventually but it'll be a slow descent.

We could go into further detail, but this collection of tracks is best explored with a bit of time and a keen ear, so we'll leave the rest to you.

Special mention has to be made to the gorgeous gatefold sleeve - a truly stunning bit of artwork that turns this into a real collector's item.

Printed Gatefold Sleeve.
180gsm vinyl.

1. Brumes Sur Mars
2. Kitty Push Here
3. Final
4. Stop Fantasy (7" Version)
5. Kalatashew Waga
6. Bow Wow
7. Infernal Jet Waltz
8. Bouqet Of Weeds
9. Uttoz Gives A Song
10. In Loving Memory (Walter Gibbons & Arthur Russell)
11. Prologue

Roger Davy_Brumes Sur Mars

Big City Orchestra_Kitty Push Here

Oliver Rogg_Final

Admas_Kalatashew Waga