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Concentration - I'm Not What I Was EP

Avon Terror Corps

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We have the last copies of this precious thing here from Concentration on GTC...
Perhaps the loudest thing to come via the Avon Terror Corps / Global Terror Corps contingent?!

We saw them live (= really fkn good!), and can confirm all the below.
Do read on:

"Global Terror Corps gets minted with Aussie/Deutsch swamp beat trio Concentration. ‘I’m Not What I Was’ is 4x eccentric offerings of hi-NRG electro-riot / trash-smut: full spat in yer face lyrical obtuseness taking a hatchet to the male ego via Jewish body-dysmorphia and basically the best riot grrrl cover of the modern age. 2020 vision Agit-technot-pop...

I’m Not What I Was EP delves further into the fever dreams and grim paradoxes of Concentration’s debut album (Premature). For added bonanza, all USBs come packaged with the exclusive live concert vid/wav for their one-off sprawl of ambient dank ‘Masterclass of Wellbeing: The Boardroom Retreat’ performed at the Tote in Melbourne.

As a live spectacle: Concentration are a tight hot mess of punk-vaudeville couple’s therapy and crushing acid machine electronica (now with added egodeath and rousing choruses), harking back to a time when industrial and synth-pop were on the same page.

Concentration are Zachariah Kupferminc, Matt Sativa and Thrush - a combined cultural initiative between Melbourne and Cottbus, East Germany, now based in Berlin.

Global Terror Corps is a new subsidiary of Avon Terror Corps, set up to release relevant music from outside the Avon area."

Limited edition faux-wood 4gb USB featuring extra live footage and material
+ Polaroid print.
Edition of 50 or so, all gone apart from these last two handfuls!

Album photography by Ilona Savchenko.
Mixed by Greg Steele.
Mastered by Lawrence English at Negative Space

Concentration are:
Zachariah Kupferminc
Matt Sativa


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