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Conflict - D:R.

Industrial Coast

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The fourth in their ‘Deconstructed:Reconstructed’ series, following reworks of classic material from The Clash, Crass and Minor Threat, this latest instalment from the Industrial Coast label, in aid of homeless shelters in the UK, presents us with a whole 70 minutes of debauchery and madnezz, in the form of 16 takes on the 1986 Anarcho punk classic ‘The Ungovernable Force’ bu Conflict.

The covers range from unrecognisable gnarled abstractions & mangled dub versions to straight-up acoustic renditions. Highlights from The Idealist, Broken English Club, Bad Tracking's Max Kelan, Iceman Junglist Kru....

-- 80% of money for from this cassette will be donated to 'Caring in Bristol', who do great work here in the city, in aid of those in need, dealing with homelessness. --

Limited to 50, we have the last few copies anywhere.
C70 including postcard art & button badge.

Conflict - Statement (Iceman Junglist Kru Escape From South London Mix)

Conflict - To Whom It May Concern (Max Kelan Cover)

Conflict - Mental Mania (Theta Remix)

Conflict - Cannot Win (SDEM Remix)