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Conor Thomas The Smoking Man - MCR 2002-2006

MBE Series

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For those of you who, (like us) managed to miss a copy of this back in 2016, MBE have done the right thing and come through with the re-up. Complete with a fresh shell and poster this time (hence the slightly increased shipping price) - it's looking and sounding better than ever. They only made a limited number and these are among the last so get one in yer cart if you want a piece of the action.

Ships in a ziplock bag with a fold out, fluro pink poster...

More from the man himself -

"Using the benefit of hindsight, this is a snapshot or perspective of the era after the '90s "Madchester" and “sulphuric soul” (gip) thing. of course there were other things happening, lots of techno/electro/breakcore/electronica and early dubstep, but for me, this was the sound of cracked warehouses and abandoned mental hospitals when i moved here in 2002, and it remained like that until dubstep really took a grip after 2007.

All tracks are from original records released between ’93 and ’04 (apart from the Leckey snippet), with particular focus on darkside late ‘90s flex, which bled into that era. I only found out years after that time that other people had nicknamed me The Smoking Man, probs cos i look a bit grey and tended to hang in the shadows with a big spliff when i wasn’t brukking and gurning. Not because i wore a flasher mac and had links to secret government agencies."