• Scutal x Bogues - Revenge Fantasy

Scutal x Bogues - Revenge Fantasy

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 The 7th release on Young Echo Records is here, bringing us the debut collaborative release from Jabu's 'Bogues' on vocals, alongside extended YE family Scutal on production - with vocal appearances from Manonmars and Guest, no less.

Deep zoning sampledelia meets oblique lyrical technique on this mighty, mighty immersive album from producer Scutal alongside Jabu's Bogues, who has been making more of a name for himself as a singer with recent Jabu works, but who has a long-standing reputation as a wordsmith with plenty to say, dealing with intricate rhymes and deep lyricism, not afraid to talk, not shying away from the truth, no matter how personal or universal.

Scutal's instrumentals are crafted with high attention to sonic detail and a real knack for musicality and experimental attitude in tandem. Fans of O$VMV$M, Dilla, Aardvarck, Jan Jelinek, etc - this'll scratch the itch.
The underbelly of sounds perfectly lay the foundations for the vocal appearances of Bogues and Young Echo family Manonmars & Guest, who's voices drift seamlessly in and out of focus as the low slung rhythms and vaporous atmospherics chug through a mist of hazy melody, intermissioned by thought provoking external vocal samples.

By the time we've dived through the full vocal piece on the A Side, we get to turn over the tape and let the instrumentals sway in reflection, with those external vocal samples taking on a new importance narrating the new open space we are left to explore on the instrumental side, with the ghosts of Bogues and crew floating in the back of our minds, inviting us to turn the tape over once more, with refreshed vigour, hungry to understand the deeper meaning, and to explore more of the sonic detail.

Here's what Bogues and Scutal told us about this tape:
"Our intention for this tape came from personal experiences. We don’t want to get into specifics. Many of the ideas explored in this music were an attempt to describe the bitterness, shame and self neglect an individual may experience when they cling to long term resentments. More than anything we wanted to express that for us, escape through everyday pleasures or hiding from the realities we face is only ever temporary; reconciliation with the truth, the past and others is often what’s missing."

For real, it makes sense to read this once you've heard the music we're dealing with here, in all its depth and detail.

Limited Edition Cassette + DL.
Printed inlay and printed onbody sticker.
Designed by Joshua Hughes-Games, 16mm darkroom photography images by Jasmine Butt aka Guest.

Side A:
Moon Cries Foul
Lin Kuei Mask (ft. Manonmars)
Where You Been (ft. Manonmars)
Rum & Ginger Sweet
I Don't Have To (ft. Guest)
Escape Artist 
Skin Walker
Black Marble

Side B:

Clip 1

Where You Been ft. Manonmars

Clip 2

Clip 3

Clip 4