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Cosmic Threat - Cosmic Threads


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Six Black Hole jazz dubs by Cosmic Threat - aka Kiki Hitomi (of WaqWaq fame), Disrupt (Jahtari o.g. mastermind), and featuring bass clarinet from Volker Hemken (straight outta Leipzig).

Jammed over various sessions in an empty Leipzig club during lockdown, Cosmic Threat are in constant warp mode, psychically locking in with the machines and freely exploring unchartered sonic territory. Inter-outer-excursions between the inspiration of the likes of Sun Ra and Prince Jammy, but not in a copycat style, more in a kind of inspiration-continuation type mission.
Effectively though - this one is a space jam like no other, if you ask us. Deliciously dubwise and musically rich, yet fully out-there and certainly satisfactory for weirdos and normos alike - The Cosmic Threads are shifting, morphing and warping through woozy melodies, endless dub reverberations and jazz-not-jazz discordancies - narrated by Kiki's extra-terrestrial messages - this is fully invigorating stuff.

>> This highly hypnotic spiritual sequel to Kiki Hitomi’s 'Karma No Kusari' (2016) comes on red vinyl and with hand-painted artwork by Ellen G.


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