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Count Ossie & Ernest Ranglin - Lulumba

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One of the best tunes in the world, also known as 'Earth Sound'.

Now available again, as a 7" with an alternative cut, via Japan's Dub Store Records -

It's one of those tunes that will heal you (at least we can almost scientifically report back on the subject) with it's infectious interplay of the rhythm, bass, piano & guitar sections - each hook, each rhythm, each note, each bass vibration seems to move forward and backward in a continuous movement, kind of like the musical equivalent of the sea rushing in and out of the shore - a rhythm that is full of vivacious intricacies, with each movement a unique counterpart to the next -
and most importantly (for this analogy) - an overwhelming sense of calm.

Originally released on Sonia Pottinger's Gay Feet (she's also in the production seat), now back in press again, including Ernest Ranglin's sliding guitar styles and of course Count Ossie - presumably alongside the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari on instruments?

Yeah, it's not cheap (it's an import record) ...
But this one really is worth whatever price is necessary, to be quite honest.

Lulumba (Alternative Take)