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Crave - Discharged / Lieu Noir - Slippery Key

Mind Records

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Extremely limited edition of transparent 8" vacuum-sealed dubplates, coming via Japan's Mind Records, and pressed at Paris' Shelter Press -

We don't have a lot of info on this, apart from a very cryptic press release and this rather intriguing looking vacuum packed artifact from Japan, containing four curiously dishevelled, shrouded, amplifier-testing cuts from Crave and Lieu Noir.

Fitting somewhere between nippon rave hack-ups, industrialized sludge punk, footwork-leaning raucous and demented 808 noise rap/dubstep rhythms, Mind Records have compiled something raw and versatile here, well worth your pennies if you aren't adverse to a bit of sonic mischief on the dancefloor, or home stereo.

Underground as f*ck, and probably dipping away from the surface of availability within a few more blinks.

8" dubplate, transparent.
Vacuum packed, with insert.
Edition of 50.

Crave - Discharged
Crave - Heat
Lieu Noir - Slippery Key
Lieu Noir - PROFIT B

Crave - Discharged

Lieu Noir - Slippery Key