• Doberman-Vomit

Crazy Doberman / Black Vomit

Post Materialization Music

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Two rare copies of this Crazy Doberman / Black Vomit split tape, sent to us straight from St. Petersburg, Russia - via Post Materialization Music, and recently dug up from below our 'warehouse'.

40mins of free jazz sonics, and unhinged improv -
raw & alive.

Served in killer DIY art -
gold print inlay, and hand-painted, recycled tapes.
Post-mat style.

last chance to get your copy!

A1 Crazy Doberman– Treasures From A Polluted Life
B1 The Black Vomit – Black Dada
B2 The Black Vomit – Nihilist Smooth

Crazy Doberman - Side A Clip

Black Vomit - Side B Clip