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Brand new, old-skool style 34-page zine from 'Creation' -

A nice surprise addition to our latest bag of clothing from the London-based 'Creation' camp, this D.I.Y. zine from the makers themselves -

Full of snippets from iconic reggae imagery to underground punk movement, b-boy stylee, revolutionary tales and tales of creation and the holy forces that make the world move - wether you want to incorporate Johnny Clarke or John Lydon, this Zine is full of inspiration material from Year Zero to year 2015.

A nice summary of the vibe that influences the Creation designs and powers their motivation from day to day, nicely put together - hand-made style with typewritten notes, stories, quotes and interviews from across the underground-overground pop-world and the people that play a part in the general scenario of life.

Put your phone away.

Pick up some real printed material, give your eyes some well-deserved stimulation whilst you absorb your latest records, cassettes, coffee...

Winston Smith
Johnny Spencer
Hip Hop History
Jamaican Sound Systems
Mods & Rockers
Gun Court Act
+ More