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Creation Rebel Zine Issue 3


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It’s been a 7 months since the last instalment of the Creation Rebel zine, it’s a relief because our well thumbed copies of the last two issues are close to worn out.

Those who gripped the earlier ones will know what to expect, 34 odd pages of xeroxed, hand typed and pasted content which is a pleasure to both read and look at. As you would expect, volume three is chock full of interesting bits and pieces, including an introduction to the work of Danny Lyon, a photographer who documented the American civil rights unrest in the 60s as well as the Texan penal system. 

Also on offer is a fascinating introduction to the world of Jamaican Gospel, a feature on the renowned reggae photographer and journalist Dave Hendley, part 2 of the Creation Riddim Directory and a lengthy article on the british miners strike and Battle of Orgreave  in 1984.

Closing with a quick look at the sleeve artwork of Gee Vaucher whose collage works adorned records from the likes of Crass and Pitchshifter.

A wicked collection of material, straight out of the photocopier and in the post from the Creation HQ, these always go fast…