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Creta Kano - Skyway Motel

Happy Skull

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Saturated, Detroit influenced gear from London - Newcomer Creta Kano treats us to a three tracker on the excellent Happy Skull label. ‘Skyway Motel’ could be the soundtrack to an 80s B-movie with it’s old film stock tinged coloured synths and staccato snares, - pan camera right for a widescreen shot of Miami … excellent stuff.

The flip side ‘False Water’ is equally as impressive, reminiscent of Lyot remix by Basic Channel but with a greater sense or urgency for more amped up dance floors. ‘Skyway 81’ is a chopped and screwed version of the lead track, really letting the synth work glow.

Happy Skull nail their manifesto of ‘Raw machine music with colour, melody and soul’ right on the head with this one. 

Skyway Motel

False Water

Skyway 81