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CS + Kreme - howdoyoufeelwithoutthatthought

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'Snoopy's Epilogue' from CS + Kreme, near 40minutes of sublime sound drifting and time evaporation across two longform tracks from Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel, following up their latest album for TTT with this really quite beautiful 12" disc -

A very, very nice way to ease in/out of the meditation of their album, 'April Fools Day' on the A side let's a blurry fourth world type ambience stretch out into infinity, enveloped around the gentle step of the 808 style hihats that lead through 16mins of tripped melodics and lightfooted harmonies, ending in some kind of clockwork timestretch through mouth-harp/vocoder synthesis and granular flute. Time seems to pass very easy when listening to this one.
'Bugged' on the flip, goes a shade darker and weirder, like some kind of jungle exploration with bass guitar strapped to the back and monkeys playing the shaker up in the trees, to soundtrack your journey. You might even find some strange fruit if you listen carefully, and take note of all your surroundings -


Served in printed sleeve, Will Bankhead on the design, and cut & mastered extra nice, to hiqh quality 12".

1. April Fools' Day 16:02
2. Bugged 11:26

CS + Kreme - April Fools Day