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CS + Kreme - Snoopy

The Trilogy Tapes

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Much needed repress of this gem from CS + Kreme, served on gatefold 2 x 12" via The Trilogy Tapes -

Oh sh*t, this one's pretty special...
One of those albums that manages to 'go there', to those places and interzones where the introspective sound of bedroom production meets a stylistic melting pot that draws from various decades, timespans and below-and-above radar sounds of this fine world of music we live in, and somehow pulls together all these ideas in a fully fledged, highly original - make-it-sound-easy - freeflow of 'real music' recorded with instruments n synths n drum machines n shit, live & direct.
What makes this one stand out, to us, is certainly the musicality and the structure and the composition, also the way the album is paced - never too long, never too short in one sphere, all moving 'just right' to keep you in that listening position, as the sonics are dragged through the circuits of the mixing board with inventive production technique and a dub-indebted skeletal version attitude that makes the music sound so relatable, yet complex all at once.

Proper songs, proper experimentalism, proper enviable style and a real heads-down-hearts-up type of mood that is an absolute joy to listen to, and will have you coming back for more, and more, and more.
Somehow we missed the first press of this one, and almost-slept on this (yes, we are human and only have two ears, yes there is not enough time in this world and yes we're a small crew here trying our best) - but we sure are thankful that we dived into this one eventually, and yes, we whole heartedly recommend that you do the same, if you haven't yet - wether you're a dub head that also reminisces about the early days of dubstep when stripping things right back to the bone was the way forward, wether you seek some of that post-post-punk for the lost 2020 generation, wether deep down you want some quality pop songs that fill your heart and make you want to sing along, but don't want to be faced with any of the cheese that can come with it.... Or wether you don't really know what you're looking for, but you know when you hear it -

You'll be grateful for the listening experience of this album, we promise you that.

Served in a kkkkillerrrr gatefold sleeve, and across two high quality 12" discs with enough space for dynamics on each cut of a track - do yourself a favour and fork out those pennies, they'll pay you back in smiles.

1. Saint 06:30
2. Faun House 06:04
3. Blue Flu 07:49
4. The Whale's Tail 06:44
5. Pussywhistle Tea 02:56
6. Time Is a Bozo 04:18
7. Slug 05:39
8. Mount Warning 08:16

Blue Flu

Faun House

Time Is A Bozo