• Cub - The Dynamic Unconscious

Cub - The Dynamic Unconscious


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Karl O’Connor - aka Regis - and Simon Shreeve - aka Mønic -regroup as Cub on a L.I.E.S. 12" that is packed to the brim with heat.

Having delivered some real stealth bombs into the techno-not-techno sphere in the last decade or so, the Cub is back, this time with Kryptic Minds Simon Shreeve on board for extra measure again, going into full war mode with Regis, doing what they do best - make uncompromising club sonics that are aimed at rattling chests and moving feet equally. Proper body music.

The first cut on the A side rolls out like the kind of unmistakeable dubwise Regis techno EBM style, this one is already well worth every penny that you pay for this disc - play it loud, and try to tell us otherwise.
Next up on the subsequent two cuts Cub switch up into a different mood that draws on the half-stepping depths of late 00s dubstep, letting the void between kick & snare unfurl some real gnarly depths and a bassline that comes in like a tide, swallowing up everything in it's path, eventually. Nothing you can do about it.

the last cut of the disc 'The Shape Of Winter' lets a misty fog spread out over what we just heard, burying our bodies in snow, forgetting all about the sweat we worked up with the previous three cuts. Time to put the body, and brain to rest, let it all sink in and snow over...

Tough stuff. Sounding rock solid on wax, trust.

Reason Doesn't Sleep

Dream Logic

No Love From Above

The Shape Of Winter