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Culture Freeman / Bush Chemists - Light Up Your Spliff


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Light Up Yuh Spliff, Light Up Yuh Chalice....Come Make We Bun It Inna Buckingham Palace! -

Alone for that line above, this record deserves a place in your record box...
Asides that, these Bush Chemist productions from around 1993 - 1995 have some serious, serious bassweight to them, fully geared for soundsystem use.

One vocal dub cut featuring the voice of Culture Freeman, and two dubwise versions across the first side of the disc, with the remnants of the revolutionary freedom chant of the good sensimila scattering over some rough and thunderous drums, siren shots and of course the ever-sure bassline that storms below it all....

Flip it for a dubwise killer from the early 90's - Maniac Dub, followed by a further version.

Recorded at Conscious Studios, produced by Dougie Conscious and crew.... Dub 1 & 2 on the A side, 'Maniac Dub' on the B side.

Killer disc!

Light Up Your Spliff

Dub 1 & 2

Bush Chemists - Maniac Dub / Dub