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Culture Freeman / Bush Chemists - Rally Run Come / Pay Them


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Culture Freeman and Bush Chemists in combination on the KDV imprint!

Spartan horns driven steppers, with Culture Freeman laying down a cool delivery for the A Side, followed by an excellent dub version (it's all about the instrumental cuts for us, on this record).

Horns and fiercely filtered percussion snarl and crash across the tough bassline, across two Bush Chemists dub versions of Rally Run Come on the A Side.
B Side is instrumental from start to end, with three further versions - special mention to part two and three... Rough and rugged dubwise -
Bush Chemists on the buttons!

Dubbbbbbb it!

Culture Freeman - Rally Run Come

Bush Chemist - Rally Run Come Dub 3

Bush Chemists - Pay Them

Bush Chemists - Pay Them (Dub 2)