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Culture Freeman - The Fittest / King Davids House 10''


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Uptempo steppers from the one Culture Freeman -

10" on KDV, Culture Freeman on mic duties 'The Fittest' on side A, and 'King David's House' on the double A side.
Fast paced digital styles on the topside, with Culture keeping up the pace, snare rolls and triplet hi-hats following suit whilst a casiotone-esque bassline bubbles underneath - Run come rally, this one set to keep you moving!
Things get a little mystical on the dub version, with filtered kalimba sounds warbling off into distant delays as the synth horns line squuezes it's way through rhythm and bass.

King David's House comes  a few notes lower, with a slower tempo in favour of a heavier bassline.
Culture Freeman chants down babylon with equal heaviness, roughneck UK dub styles here.

Conscious Sounds / Bush Chemists on production and versioning duties.

Soundsystem business.

Culture Freeman - The Fittest


Culture Freeman - King David's House