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Keen collaborator and studio experimentalist Rupert Clervaux returns for an expansive collection of cosmic, captivating experiments on the Laura Lies In imprint. His unique approach to production and arrangement offers a listening experience that’s truly avant-garde.

Clervaux flexes skill for dream-like arrangements to span across different ideas in one long piece. He mixes percussive workouts, dubbed out electronics, and passages of spoken word into thought-provoking passages, expertly produced and brimming with analogue warmth.

‘Zibaldone of CVX’ doesn’t offer a clear narrative, but more a collection of ideas entangled together. Free jazz merges into hip-hop, philosophy with sci-fi electronics, Cut Hands-esque percussion jams and an extended Angie Stone edit. The range of sounds make for a bizarre and disorienting listen, but while it’s not one for the faint hearted the payoff is really worth it. An inspiring and otherworldly listen.

The 12’ record comes with a stamped print poster courtesy of Coline Cornélis.

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