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Berceuse Heroique

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Out briefly on Berceuse, ‘Zibaldone III of CVX‘ is the third in a series of releases from London-via-Mallorca based artist Rupert Clervaux, after two instalments issued via London’s Laura Lies In – both available in the form of custom-made dubplates.

Inspired by the unique format and flow of ‘zibaldone‘ – the Italian equivalent to commonplace books made famous by Giacomo Leopardi’s eponymous masterpiece, Clervaux’s multi-angle audio mosaics merge fragments from various fields such as literature, philosophy, poetry, psychology, history, politics and more.

Off-kilter goodness from Rupert Clerveux, who manages to flip between political / social commentary, proper rewarding wayward sonics and good, rhythm based fun in a way that does not feel contrived, or forced. It's a fluid, forward thinking record that sounds organic and futuristic all at once.

180gsm disc, no messing.

01. Protesta Humana
02. Fleurs Pour Simone (Part 1)
03. Every Tyrant In History
04. Invectors
05. Fleurs Pour Simone (Part 2)
06. Exhibit 'A' Smartphone

Protesta Humana

Fleurs Pour Simone Pt.1

Every Tyrant In History