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Cxnlk - Untitled (2008-2013) -


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Fresh box of D.I.Y. from the Offseason imprint -

It's always nice when we get unexpected emails from labels showcasing they're goods, this one is a particularly nice product.

Packaged in a great looking matchbox-style card housing, with a rough and textured linocut print on it's surface, the 40mins of audio that inhabit the reels of this tape unveil beautiful structures and compositions from Cxnlk.

Fragile and haunting, at times delicate, yet decidedly grainy in texture, the ever-evolving journey through Cxnlk's music box of recent years is a rewarding one.

Mastering by Bob 'Macc' Macciochi (Subvert Central Mastering, Suffolk)
Artwork by Christoph Neuwirth.

Limited Edition of 50.
Linocut printed card cases.
Includes mp3 dl code.

Fantastic stuff. 

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