• Đ.K. – Gate Of Enlightenment
  • Đ.K. – Gate Of Enlightenment

Đ.K. – Gate Of Enlightenment


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D.K. follows up the Ancient Kingdom EP on Good Morning Tapes with this dark & dangerous seven track drum excursion entitled 'Gate Of Enlightment' exploring the sounds of D.K.'s South East Asian roots with a a deadly dub-infected techno sensibility, now commited to wax for the 001 on Worship.

Hypnotic, trance inducing soundsystem meditations, time-ticking rhythms and stealthy percussive reverberations are the order of the day here - D.K. masters the dark art of rolling, techy ancient drums and a heayweight, soundsystem minded approach.

Fans of Shackleton, Azu Tiwaline, Badawi, Szare, early Ruff Sqwad, Regis, DMZ at 33rpm... that kind of drift - Don't sleep on this excellent record. 


Enlightenment Process


Middle Path


Sacred Creatures


Day Of Mourning


Metal Frames




The Gate