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D-Malice - Indian Time


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Surprise drop on the formidable DBA Dubs imprint from D-Malice.

Originally released as a digital download earlier in 2014, and, as is often the way with those digi-only releases, it faded into relative obscurity. Thankfully DBA did the right thing and pressed this little gem up and drafted Toronto’s Basic Soul Unit in to refix it for the B-side.

‘Indian Time’ is a a total gem, UK Funky meets the more restrained sounds of the WGD camp, weaving a Sitar melody  and Tabla hits around syncopated drums that drop into a glassy rhodes breakdown that is utterly sublime. This side has been on loop around these parts since it arrived!

While the original release came with a slew of fairly unremarkable remixes attached to it, the vinyl release gets a new version for the flip side - Basic Soul Unit of Ostgut Ton fame gives the original a dose of steroids and lets it develop into a muscular peak time techno tool, whilst being respectful of the original’s sound palette it takes it well and truly into big room territory.

Big shouts to DBA for immortalising this one on vinyl!

Indian Time

Indian Time (Basic Soul Unit RMX)