D.O.K. - 06 / Look Uno

Oil Gang

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Oil Gang coming with another unearthed gem from O.G. grime don D.O.K. -

D.O.K. on the buttons for these two, another perfect example of where grime was at around that mid 2000's kinda time - full of bashy, raw energy.

"Two high grade tracks by one of Grime’s greatest producers D.O.K. 06 is Grime at its purest; gliding synths, weird bleeps and a heavy bassline whilst the flip Look Uno continues on the Coolie Joyride path. Relentless beats, a heavy sub and catchy samples. Perfect."

Special mention that Joyride excursion - best load this up alongside that Spooky plate, with the instrumentals and the vocal versions (also available here via our store) for ultimate fun.

....Instant reload material, both sides!


Look Uno