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Dadawah - Peace And Love

Dug Out

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Mystical nyabinghi music from Kingston circa 1974, unearthed and reissued via Dug Out -

What we have here, is a high-quality remastered and reissued 12" offering of some of the deepest, most meditative, even psychedelic rasta music to come out of Jamaica.

Four extended excursions, led by Ras Michael, alongside Willie Lindo on guitar, Lloyd Charmers on Piano Organ and Paul Williams on drums.

Beautifully placed, and delicately engineered, the music sways in it's own sphere, in no rush at all, with a great deal of space, full use of the spectrum.

Federal engineer George Raymond, who apparently stayed up all night after the session and mixed the recording to perfection. The evidence is in the outcome - it's an outstanding job achievement, generous yet subtle amounts of reverb, echo and sonic care make for a highly engaging listen.

A spiritual piece of music, a record that can be appreciated on many levels, a true masterpiece.

Served in printed kraftliner sleeve.
Photography by Richard Khouri.
Mastered by Paul Khouri.

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