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Daisy Moon - Geometry Of Curves

Idle Hands

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Yesssss, Daisy Moon, long-time operator (often behind the scenes) in & around Bristol, now coming forward with her debut 12" for our friends at Bristol institution Idle Hands!

"Another exceptional talent has been brewing in the Idle Hands homestead of Bristol for some time now. Daisy Moon has forged strong ties within the creatively bustling city, from her current DJ spots at the ever popular Housework nights, alongside Shanti Celeste, Gramrcy and Golesworthy, her continued work with Bristol's Women In Music group via DJ workshops and industry advice sessions and her former residency alongside Idle Hands founder, Chris Farrell, and Danielle, at the much loved BRSTL nights."

What a nice way to make an entrance -
Daisy shows a great amount of versatility and an ear for totally infectious melody and rhythm with this record. She deals, across four tracks, with percussively driven, slow-burning musical embers that lean & sway over perfectly-paced, well-spaced drum tracks and tripped out, reverberated harmonies of voice & synthesis to deadly effect.
Just listen to the dream-sequence-esque Halcyon with it's morphing atmospherics and neon-lit echo-chamber drums, or 'Anemone' which sounds like it could've been made by Timbaland, extra high on emotions after a break-up.... This one is an understated hit if you ask us!

She cements this goth'd up, extra-dread RnB affinity with the closing track Chambers, a tune that cuts extra deep with its melodies, offset over tough, rolling drums to bittersweet effect.
Ah yeah, and we didn't mention that A1 - this one sounds like it's the gate opening into her sonic spectrum - a shapeshifting rainbow of emotion and altered realities. Perfect.

Lush record, a real treat!




Geometry Of Curves