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Dale Cornish - Ulex LP (E190)


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The fourth Album from Croydon's Dale Cornish on Entr'acte.

Pushing left-of centre electronic music since around 2006, the prolific label presents us with a thrilling return from Dale Cornish. Having first presented 'Glacial' in 2012 the sonic path has showed a consistent and coherent shift with each release. This latest work consists of Ulex Pattern 1-7, aptly titled names that create uniformity from piece to piece.
Wether it's the containment of fractured bass drums, high-freq rhythm or the subdued stillness of a frozen soundscape, there is certainly a feeling of sonic distillation that runs throughout. From the ice-cold, computerized rhythms of the excellent first track through to the serene purity of the high-pitched sinewave and the low, overdriven drones of Pattern 4, it's an exercise in restraint and an excellently executed feeling of a constant impulse waiting to crack through.

Perhaps this is best portrayed on the first track of the B side, which introduces a shuddering, tape distorted kick drum at low volume, before an unexpectedly morphed vocal takes the dynamic charge right into your eardrum, like a psychotic voice speaking from within your brain.
Bridging Pattern 5 and 7, we are dropped right back into the radar bleeps and endless space of Pattern 6, commanding to inhale in preparation for the final excursion. Pattern 7 makes up the final charge, by now we are not 100% compus mentus, the rhythms and surrounding stillness of these pieces have taken over, the feeling of calmness is induced in equal measures with the paranoia and energy, as each redaction of sound has put the senses on high alert.

An exercise in inward focus and attention, this is entirely gripping and reflective, totally rewarding!

Limited to 200.
Mastered by Jacques Beloeil.

Ulex Pattern 1

Ulex Pattern 3

Ulex Pattern 5

Ulex Pattern 6