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Dalhous - Will To Be Well

Blackest Ever Black

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Dalhous return to Blackest Ever Black -

Only a few months have passed since their first mark on the Blackest Ever Black imprint was made with the extremely good 'Visibility Is A Trap' 12", a record that seemed to encompass the darkest emotions from the corners of the mind whilst incorporating a kind of hazy euphoria, a subtle, yet powerful set of sound in motion.

This 2 x 12" entitled 'Will To Be Well' explores similar paths and channels, expressing strong inward thoughts and cerebral notions - an exploration of one's mind if you like.
Focussed and concentrated in it's effective simplicity, washed out melody's and shimmering ambience sway over subtle drones and feather-light, yet deeply anchored drones and low-end.
It's hard to describe this sort of music, but it's all about the feeling, the sort of record you put on the deck and just let spin, it's a pure listening experience that will not be justified by short clips - this is the kind of record that should be heard from start to finish.

Another strong record from Dalhous, a record that will not go out of date amongst your collection, in the contrary, we believe this will make a reappearance on your turntable for years to come.

2 x 12" Served in a printed Gatefold Sleeve.

A1. First Page From Justine (1:37)
A2. A Communion With These People (3:25)
A3. Function Curve (3:17)
B1. Sensitised To This Area (4:05)
B2. Lovers Of The Highlands (5:18)
B3. Four Daughters By Four Women (4:22)
B4. Her Mind Was A Blank (1:43)
C1. Transference (4:15)
C2. To Be Universal You Must Be Specific (3:22)
C3. Someone Secure (3:54)
C4. Entertain The Idea (2:56)
D1. Abyssal Plane (4:12)
D2. Thoughts Out Of Season (4:46)
D3. DSM-III (6:24)
D4. Masquerading As Love (1:08)

Clips - Side A

Clips - Side B

Clips - Side C

Clips - Side D