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Dame Area - Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo

Kess Kill

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Fresh out of the depths of the SCHWET archive, Bristol -

We managed to snag a few of these killer 12”s, handed over by Barcelona synthwave duo Dame Area after a schweaty gig session in Bristol -

Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo comes hawt on the heels of their instant-classic LP ‘Centro Di Gravitá’ via Malmo’s ever-eccentric Kess Kill, who also delivered those essential Vanligt Folk and Xaõ Seffcheque LPs (go seek 'em).

Power-couple Victor & Silvia run the label and private members’ club Magia Roja in the Spanish capital, dubbed the “post-industrial Hacienda” and regarded as one of the most idiosyncratic and best-kept secrets in Europe (though currently on the hunt for new premises). They’ve played Bristol a couple times, including that particularly sweaty & bombastic attic session for Schwet a couple years back.

A1 starts things off in particularly unconventional and squeaky fashion. Victor rolls out a sturdy 4x4 thump beneath abstracted, detuned squiggles. Silvia delivers her finest monotone monologue with determined disinterest. ‘Zaman Cabuk Geciyor’ sees them enter sub-aquatic territory channeling Drexciya’s signature bop & chug. Silvia rants & raves thru distorto-mic, driving up the intensity. ‘Conflictos’ is their most IN-YOUR-FACE noise-disco wolloper to-date. Slapping you in the chops from the get-go, it’s like D.A.F rinsing a Moroder beat, pure dancefloor candy. ‘Teléfono, efendim’ mirrors the title track, closing with a less-trodden path. Live breakbeats lash upon sheet metal, pitched & distorted vocals dance over an 80s telephone ringtone for a couple minutes before a driving, incessant Wall of Bass is unleashed, smothering everything in sight.

RIYL: Liaisons Dangereuse, Malaria!, Chris & Cosey.

Equal parts weighty and dynamic, and packed with that the all important ingredient of FUN, and the thing that often comes with it: NOISE.

First pressing with photo cover convertible into poster.

A1. Yo quiero, yo puedo
A2. Zaman çabuk geçiyor

B1. Conflictos
B2. Teléfono, efendim

Yo Quiero, Yo Puedo

Zaman Cabuk Geciyor


Telefono, Efendim