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Dance: Still

Blank Mind

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Finally repressed after going for mad money on discogs!

Two huge slabs of floor burning club gear from Sam Purcell AKA ‘Dance’ - An apt name given that these two tracks are based around two of the most popular breaks known to man.

The A-side ‘Still’ opens with a dreamy melody before a thumping 808 kick rolls in on THE amen break and some proper 808 State MIDI sax action. Some bongos are thrown in to keep things moving mid way through as well.

‘Ha’ on the flip side employs the Funky Drummer right from the start, chopped up expertly and laid on a bed of crunchy 808 kicks, seasoned with James’ calls of ‘HA!’ and 4/4 hats for good measure.

What can we say? this is totally essential stuff, referencing the history of dance music and serving it up just right for now.