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Danny Scrilla - Higher Plane / Maroon

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Fresh drop from PDX via Munich -

For the 29th issue on the formidable ZamZam series, Danny Scrilla graces the grooves with 'Higher Plane' and 'Maroon'.

According to our friends over at ZamZam, the Scrilla link came about through - fresh Bristol-resident - Om Unit, who also runs the Cosmic Bridge label which has put forth some of Danny Scrilla's finest works in the past.

We can see why the connection was made, these tracks fit perfectly into the ZamZam catalogue, bridging the rhythmic elements of dub mutations such as Jungle with a clear focus on rhythm and bass, decorated with the absolutely lush sounding, reverberated flute on 'Higher Plane' and the equally juicy 'cyborg saxophone' and casiotone-esque squarewave bassline of 'Maroon'.

It's this forward driving momentum of percussion and bassline mixed with the warbled dub technique that make this record hit such a good balance of rhythm and counter melody.... Woozy delays and echoes keep the ears and mind in tune, whilst the low-end keeps the body moving from start to finish.

Deep and heavily bass-indulgent, this one is sure to captivate dancefloors and dancehalls alike.

Support from Toddla, J:Kenzo, Rodigan - and more.

As always, served in a screenprinted sleeve designed by the in-house Polygon Press,
Limited to 800 units.
no watered-down mp3's, strictly vinyl!

Higher Plane