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Dave Saved - Power And Silence: Deindustrialization EP

Gang Of Ducks

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New D.I.Y. goodness from G.O.D. -

The Gang Of Ducks label has been impressing us with their string of cassettes, 7"s and 12"s of late... true hand-made packaging and truly underground music, no compromises.

The latest instalment comes in the form of David Salvati's aka Dave Saved's 'Deindustrialization EP'.

6 tracks of destabilised structures and shifting spheres, filled to the brim with grit and gut-wrenching low-end.

From the pitched down percussion, skewed choirs and valerian rhythms of the opening tracks on the A side, through to the greasy, grey, sludged ambient experimentalism that frequents the b-side, topped up with additional Aisha Devi and G.O.D refixes, it's a truly fitting set of tracks for the type of aesthetics that Gang Of Ducks present... toxic underground music.

Edition of 250.
Each one hand-numbered and vacuum sealed and hand-labelled with gold tags.
Contains embossed card insert.
Black vinyl and black centre labels, hand-labelled.

Power And Silence

No Lights

Virtual Feelings / Random Souls Fluidity

Power And Silence (Aisha Devi Mindworker Rework) / Virtual Feelings (G.O.D. Rework)