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Dbridge - Trinity Ville

Cylon Recordings

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dBridge back on Loxy's Cylon label with two diamond tipped tracks, a mutant hybrid of half step D&B and rogue dancehall styles. Crafted by a true master, this plate shows why dBridge is held in such high regard.

While the Exit records boss was last sighted on Convex Industries on a more esoteric tip, this plate has the dancefloor firmly in it's sights - paired right back to the essentials, the A side 'Trinity Ville' opens with a choice vocal snippet before fading to nothing and jumping right back in with stepping kick lines and a sub that's meaner than Ebenezer Scrooge.

The flip side 'Dead Peak' is the main event though - Armour plated kick drums thumping out a halfstep beat that frames a constantly evolving bass that writhes and snarls underneath. Forward thinking minimalism that moves bodies and really explores the possibilities of making a few choice elements work to their maximum potential - brilliantly done.

If you're digging the output of Pessimist on BEB or the likes of Clarity or Skeptical, this one is for you.


Trinity Ville

Dead Peak