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Dean Frazer & Skatalites - Holy Mount Zion

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Foundation business from the Island, with the original masters on instruments!

Killer re-rub of the 'Woman A Come' and Ernest Ranglin's 'Ranglin on Band Street' rhythms, with the Peckings crew on instruments for this lovely disc, right here.

Skatalites meets Dean Frazer for the Holy Mount Zion cut on the A side, and Serge meets The Supersonics for the Tribute To Daddy Peckings for the flip.

Both sides are killer, but that flipside is what got us...
So, so good. It's the kind of instrumental you can have on repeat forever, it's medicinal.
There's a Bitty McLean vocal cut on this rhythm somewhere as well, if you have a search around (it's called 'Tell Me' and it's with Tommy McCook), and that's a stunner too, well worth a look.

This is the original JA stylee from the founding fathers, and you know it's certified to be good for your soul!

Limited edition, served up in a good-lookin' sleeve, hand-stamped 7" /45 niceness.

Dean Frazer & The Skatalites - Holy Mount Zion

Serge & Supersonics - Tribute To Daddy Peckings