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Fresh import from the SicSic label -

Guillaume Eymenier and Sylvia Monnie combine efforts under the Deep Catalogue guise.

Guillaume Eyemenier: Guitar, E-Bow, FX pedals.
Sylvia Monnier: Technics SY-1010, Moog Rogue, Dave Smith Mopho, FX pedals.

Calm, soothing ambience and pulsating, ominous drones collide and merge as a captivating mesh of frequency in a mesmerising cloud of sound, shapeshifting throughout it's 30 minute or so- journey.

As the label aptly put it: "Imagine Popol Vuh remixed by Basic Channel – it’s that kind of a soothing stringency that emanates from the four tracks delivered on this tape."

Edition of 90 chrome tapes.

Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi.

Asleep Travelling

Glass Airport

Drowned Skin

Pumping Sand